Christmas at Singapore 12.27

The 27th was supposed to be a museum run. The day started late, as it always does when we’re here in Singapore for a holiday. We took the bus from the condo to Tampines station at midday then rode the train to Bugis station where we went to Bugis village again, this time accompanied by Mom and Peter. Mom had a fun time shopping and she doesn’t do this often, so it’s nice to see her happy just shopping. Patrick and I shopped a bit, too, but for chocolates and some snacks to bring home.

It was already 2:30 pm before we finished shopping, then we took Mom back to the station to see her off then we went on our way to the Red Dot Traffic building to take, we decided, our annual pictures of us with its red walls as our background. After that, we went to that lovely bookstore called Littered With Books. We didn’t buy anything, we just looked around and that’s when I had the idea that if I considered one day to live in Singapore and work there, I’d like to work there. But I have my reservations. One does not simply go into these things without much consideration.

After that, we went off and looked for the Singapore Art Museum. We got lost. We forgot the way and some of the old features in the area changed because of new stations and construction work. We found the museum after much walking and deliberation but after inquiring about the museum fee (we forgot again), we had to decline because one ticket to tour the whole museum is $10. The siblings don’t have enough money and I only have enough money to buy a new instax film for later. So went out again to look for the Fuji film store, which we found. The cool guy who was manning the store is still there and he’s offering some pretty cool deals with cameras and such and we have to decline again and just bought what we came for. We promised that we’ll come back and next summer and that we’ll recommend him to our friends. I think we just managed to make a sort of friend in there, even though we didn’t understand half of what he’s saying.

After we said our goodbyes, we went home.


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